Men Should Be Seen and Not Heard – Finally A Female Chauvinist

Yeah, I know I am going to catch a lot for this one. All you men can cry, cry, cry…but get the fuck over yourselves…..YOU FUCKING SUCK Before you get started with your huffing and puffing…I have NOT been dissed … Continue reading

Simple Words … Nothing Fancy

I sit here and sip on this wine I want for everything to be just fine I want to eat it all, I want to absorb this life I want so much not to fall I try to breathe for another day, … Continue reading

Oh No They Didn’t – Hair

Hello Lush Lovers, Happy Holidays to all of you festive socialites out there. I, once again while working, stumbled across some crazy pictures, of people and their holiday hair. I even threw in some extra outrageous hair looks. For those … Continue reading

A Day With My Onesie – Paul Frank Love

I have been moving non stop lately and I really just wish I was where I saw my self all those years a go. Thirty is fast approaching I am excited and in awe. I guess I am starting to really understand … Continue reading