Shewee Power – To Stand Or Not To Stand & Pee That Is The Question?

Salutations Lush Lovers,

Hmm, to stand and pee or not to stand and pee? That is the question!

Hmm, to stand and pee or not to stand and pee? That is the question!

That’s right don’t adjust your eyes, this girl is standing up and peeing. Now, for you women that are in the know you may have already seen and/or heard of the Shewee. The Shewee was created by Samantha Fountain initially as part of her last thesis for her degree while attending school. The idea for the Shewee came to Samantha while she was backpacking through Europe, this amazing device comes in an array of colors and a  variety of extenders. Shewee Ltd now supplies over 85% of ‘outdoor’ stores and a growing number of pharmacies in the UK.

The Shewee’s distributed in over 15 countries and they even distribute Shewees to the beautiful women in our United States Army. Honestly I think this is a pretty cool device I have seen items like this in the past, I think I may actually buy one just to see what its like. Be on the look out for that review!!

For a meer $18.95 you too can own your own Shewee, if you would like to get your very own Shewee visit the site at know right?!


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