A Day With My Onesie – Paul Frank Love


We even shop in our onesie!.Onesie6 Onesie5 Onesie4 Onesie3 Onesie2 Onesie1

I have been moving non stop lately and I really just wish I was where I saw my self all those years a go.

Thirty is fast approaching I am excited and in awe. I guess I am starting to really understand this life each of us has passes by so quickly, sadly some quicker that others.

With all that being said I want to be able to look back on my life and just be happy at all of those silly moments.

I woke up threw on my onesie and enjoyed my Sunday…

Here’s a look at my fantastic day!

My mommy bought me this onesie years ago, I love Paul Frank ….my Mommy always comes through for me!

She is the freaking best Mommy in the world….yes my Mommy is better than your Mom.

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