Men Should Be Seen and Not Heard – Finally A Female Chauvinist

Yeah, I know I am going to catch a lot for this one. All you men can cry, cry, cry…but get the fuck over yourselves…..YOU FUCKING SUCK

Before you get started with your huffing and puffing…I have NOT been dissed or dumped by a man – NO, I don’t need any D#*k –  and no I’m not a lesbian – I have always felt like this…

Since I can remember I have always felt men as a whole, should be groveling at all woman’s’ feet. Do you honestly think I am going to believe that I was created from a mans rib….I think not. I refuse to buy any bullshit that some man decided to write to keep women in “their place.”

I remember telling my mom, “IF, I ever got married my husband would do whatever I said, when I said it.” Ha, kind of like what Rudy used to say about Bud on the Cosby Show.

To no other individual’s influence did I come to this understanding or realization. I’ve developed these thoughts through my own experiences and observations of men in my short 29 years on this planet. Now, don’t get me wrong women are fucking COMPLICATED and never know what they want, I will admit that. Men on the other hand are just plain STUPID and way too destructive.

The entire world is the way it is because of men. The world is being destroyed because of men. Women destroy themselves …because of me. Forests are destroyed because of men. Some might argue that man does what he does for his family …to provide. BULL FUCKING SHIT.

Men should be used for heavy lifting, producing sperm, and whatever else we women deem necessary. Its been proven that women are smarter, we mature faster, there’s more of us on the planet, we live longer, and we fucking look better.

To carry a child is DIVINE its a MIRACLE – men are only needed to fertilize the egg. We women should be eating men, figuratively that is, the black widow spider should be our [women] mascot.

Now I don’t want you to think of me as some kind of feminist…that I am not!! I gasp at the thought…gag me with a fucking spoon Becka!

I’m more of a female chauvinist – I wear that title proudly.

I’m so sick of men comparing their dicks all the time. Everything man is involved with has to do with ego, dick size, destruction, sex, food, and if your lucky he may even take care of his own litter [children].

As for you silly little women out there that call your man, your king and grovel at a mans feet you make me sick. You are a WOMAN you are DIVINE a man is not. A man can only ASSISTS in the creation of life. WOMEN have the divine light inside of them to SUSTAIN, to NURTURE, and to DELIVER life. Do you really believe a man could ever handle such a task, such a gift…

Men were put on this earth to be destructive, oh and don’t say – well there have been women throughout history that have had power and destroyed kingdoms and land. Those dumb bitches were more than likely influenced by some dumb ass man or maybe they had a bit more testosterone in them than most [women].

Men should be more like pets…for we women to do with as we please. Why is it that a woman and a man can do the exact same job and yet the man gets paid more. We live in a society where it’s totally fine for a dude to sleep around but if a woman does it… shes a freaking hoe.

GIVE ME A BREAK…I’m so sick of double standards.

Men should open doors, pull out chairs, and cater to all that is woman…why because WE ARE BETTER THAN THEY ARE ACROSS THE BOARD.

-To my Rainbow boys out there ..I love you with all my heart and you guys get a pass cause well…

– To the men in my life you know I still love you, nothing has changed. The men in my life love me enough to put up with me and for that I am truly thankful. Lord do I know, I’m a freaking handful!!!


…besides men like being told what to do! Its time we woman had trophy husbands and boyfriends.

In this society men look at women as if they are objects….well I look at men in that same light…LADIES PLEASE FEEL FREE TO OBJECTIFY THE MEN BELOW….

That's a good piece of man meat!

That’s a good piece of man meat!

Just put em in a cage and let em fight!

Just put em in a cage and let em fight!

I can not tell you how many times I have watched this film..the men are just so pretty...I barely listened to the words escaping there mouths..they are just so  pretty!!

I can not tell you how many times I have watched this film..the men are just so pretty…I barely listened to the words escaping there mouths..they are just so pretty!!

MAN MEAT - See what Im saying

MAN MEAT – See what Im saying

Aww Wook at how cute it is!!

Aww Wook at how cute it is!!

See look how pretty...

See look how pretty…

See good for making babies...I cant think of anything else he'd be good for!

See good for making babies…I cant think of anything else he’d be good for!

you real perty!

you real perty!

9 thoughts on “Men Should Be Seen and Not Heard – Finally A Female Chauvinist

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  2. Actually, men mature faster and live longer. Feminism has made women irresponsible that men want to paddle them and women are dying younger because they are working lots of jobs, including dangerous ones, drinking and driving recklessly just to show how bad, tough and powerful they are.


  3. Probably the best solution, according to this article, is to have all men caged in chastity from puberty onward and if they need to cum, then they can have their prostates milked.

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  4. I objectify men all the time. When they get mad, I call them triggered and laugh in their faces. The only man I don’t objectify is my boyfriend. The others, however, I objectify them and pick on them until they cry. Little fucking pussies can’t do a damn thing about and I never get suspended or sent to the office for it.

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