Kindness You Say…

KINDNESSIt never fails the holiday season  always increases the need for the masses to be kind … a time to reflect and be grateful for what one has. Putting smiles on the little one’s faces, embracing that person you haven’t seen in ages, and even enjoying a warm meal;  these events unfold before the public everyday during the holiday season, 50 times over within the blink of an eye. The new year is knocking on our front doors, people scurrying around the city to full-fill last-minute party preparations. Conversations of  ‘where the party at?’ fill the streets … so many people plan to make resolutions that will last a mere month or two…and once all of the holiday hullabaloo is all said and through the majority will go back to doing what they normally do…. So I pose a challenge instead of making a resolution you know you wont keep, encourage yourself to be a better person even if you are already considered perfect [in your mother’s eyes]! Decide now before 2013 even rolls around to be a better person (even if it is two days away), no resolutions… a conscience change. This may seem a difficult task to complete, yet it’s quite simple… random acts of kindness. Each day do a little good, the sky is the limit, it is that simple…Start feeling good-by doing good and you will naturally begin to blossom as a human being.

  • Buy someone a cup of coffee, lunch, gas…
  • Help a senior cross a busy street
  • Donate money or time to a cause
  • Pay someone’s fare at the train station or bus
  • Send a care package to our troops overseas
  • Donate clothes
  • Over-tip your server at a restaurant
  • Give a friend, co worker, or family member a ride somewhere

random acts

Remember to always pay it forward … for the few people out there that do keep their New Years resolutions I tip my hat to thee, for those that enjoy making resolutions, “have at it” I say. As for those that are just stuck about what to do next think R.A.O.K (Random Acts Of Kindness).Commit Kindness

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