Not Sure What Just Came Over Me…( just felt like writing)

I poured my glass of poison

I sip, my sip, the only sip that matters

The sweet aroma catches me, the heat rises in me

I yearn for the first drop on my tongue, give me more

The glass is half  full, red, blood-red

I took it in, closed my eyes…swallowed

Damn, bitter-sweet, I sipped again

I’m starting to feel the two glasses before this one

My neck relaxed, rolled my neck like I used to in dance class

Back, side, forward, side, I closed my eyes and drifted away

Inhale, exhale, the noise quieted

My hands began to explore

What could I do? I was no longer in control

A strangers hands unlike mine

My body was ready, from top to bottom

My toes tingled

The excitement in me rose

Curtains open 6th floor

Fuck this shit…She called

The Flower, my flower, perfect in every way

She called to me, Cried to be set free

The pleasure, fuck, no shame

This moment, cultivated by self, me, only…

A simple hand, a sensation, a release, extacy

Now, sleep…

~Letisha Lushanne


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