He pushed her against the wall, her fingers ran through his hair. Their lips pressed hard against one another, his hand swallowing the small of her back. Nothing mattered, nothing was there. Everything stood still, quiet, silence, the stars fell, the night was perfect. Her hair swept across her face, their bodies became one…numb with pleasure, ease, warmth, happiness. The passion of lust, hate, love, and sadness all wrapped in one, consumed. The couple danced, her body sang the song of fire. Sweet and pure like fresh blades of spring grass, a shared breath that was all it took for the spirit’ of eruption.

Eroding bliss, they shed layers upon layers of sweat filled delight. Caged animals set free – letting go no holding back, it can’t be explained, too intense, its pulls at them both. His face buried deep within her life, perfect in every way, she sat upon his mighty throne, tears of an uncontrolled euphoria ate at her very being. Why was this happening, why was this.

“What fortune” – he thought, that moment. “Right there” she whispered – what a feeling,  that moment … every animalistic urge in him took over. Panting. Moaning. Wrapping his arms around her he pulled her underneath him without missing a beat. Slow. Easy. Time. Stood. Still.

Kiss Black and White

~Blah – Letti

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