Fix You by Letti FCP Music Video Student Project (Coldplay)

HELLO Lush Lovers –

I love creating music videos, I have always loved music videos and the mini tales they tend to tell from time to time. I basically recorded this video in about an hours time over the span of a couple of days… I used my SLR and my cell. I had a ton of fun shooting this one.

 I also realized I can shoot a video in single degree weather smoothly in no more than 10 minutes and direct the talent effectively. I got what I wanted in single takes. All I have to say is  … BOSS

Don’t rack your brain trying to figure out what the video is about … there is no story, think of it as a video about nothing …like a Seinfeld episode. I took inspiration from the original video for this song… so I took pieces of that and added other elements … nothing fancy.

I’ll be creating more videos and posting them very soon. There are 4 more videos on the back burner that I am brainstorming and tinkering around in my mind about.

Thanks for blessing me with your presence.

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