The Winged Beatle – Who Cares!

Okay so I watched yet another “conspiracy video” in class this time the subject is …  The Beatles – wow what a crap-fest of fan propelled propaganda! So now you’re telling me that the current Sir Paul McCartney[No 49], (watch … Continue reading

The Female Chauvinist – It Was Totally An Inside Job – Loose Change

The bitch is back – Once again, I’m confronted with evidence that 9-11 was a total inside job, (which I have pretty much known since 2001). Recently, I watched Loose Change in class and was asked to write my thoughts … Continue reading

What Do I See Before My Eyes? – Billboard Top 20 List

Greetings Lush Lovers, I hope you all had a fantastic week! As always I find myself stumbling onto random topics and yet again I have done just that. Who doesn’t love a creative idea or thought? I know I love anything … Continue reading

Attack Of The 12ft Penis – Sorry Ladies You’re Too Late

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I love when teenagers get creative! The East coast was slammed with a pretty nasty blizzard last week leaving many residents without power and digging their way out of the freshly fallen snow. Ryan Worthington of South Kingston decided to … Continue reading

Talk About A Sound Bite – Can You Hear Me Now

In Stamford, Connecticut a man is accused of biting off his cousins earlobe and swallowing it. The fight was initiated over loud music. Emilio Mendoza was asked by his cousin, Ruiz Clemente-Perez, 29 to turn his music down. Mendoza became … Continue reading