Ahh – Zombies Are Attacking The Living Beware of the Apocalypse


On Monday, Montana & Northern Michigan residents were surprised when their regular programming was interrupted with news of a zombie apocalypse.

The Emergency Alert Systems of Great Falls was broken into and hacked. The incident, which spanned over several counties, is being investigated by engineers. The alert was not serious enough to generate calls to the authorities according to network reps.EMERGENCY

I have to say that this one of the many creative ways to spread the word on zombies, I mean let’s be real the more folks keep sniffing bath salt the more real the zombie threat is … ha!

Lets say zombies really do take over one day, will people believe or will they think its just another hoax? Either way,  I am on the zombie awareness band wagon. I love that someone or a group of people were creative enough to come up with a non-violent way to play a prank on the viewers of local network television.


Although this was a hoax, I can also understand the frustration the networks felt when it came to getting the

stations and programming back on track.

The prank alert has not generated calls to the authorities, however the stations are beefing up their security. Along with the Montana hacking, residents in Marquette, Michigan were also warned of the coming zombie attack. This was the first hacking of the Emergency Systems in Michigan since it’s beginning in the 1940’s.


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