Talk About A Sound Bite – Can You Hear Me Now


In Stamford, Connecticut a man is accused of biting off his cousins earlobe and swallowing it. The fight was initiated over loud music.

Emilio Mendoza was asked by his cousin, Ruiz Clemente-Perez, 29 to turn his music down. Mendoza became enraged by the request and began assaulting Clemente-Perez. According to authorities Perez was bleeding and missing part of his ear upon their arrival.


Talk about pulling a Tyson, that move was so 1997. This story is so strange I mean really, how mad will you get the next time someone asks you to pass the sugar. Something tells me there is a lot more to this story maybe Perez stole Mendoza’s girlfriend or maybe they found on Maury that Mendoza is not the baby’s father.

No matter what was going on between them, there is really no reason for anyone to go and bite off an ear lobe … hell, there’s no real reason to bite anything off of anyone now that I think about it (unless your name is Katie Saunders and that would mean you are a vampire from FORKS). Somebody really needed to take a chill pill!

Mendoza, 27, is charged with first degree assault and other related charges early Monday morning and being held on $100,000 bond.

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