Okay, So once again I need to get a few things off of my chest.

Lets start with this 200% N*&%$A video, now you ALL know I love a good laugh and I am the last person to take anything too seriously, hell I’m the one that usually offends people, with my raunchy mouth, humor, and ideals. I am also for

See what Im saying? Sheer ignorance - I need to slap this dumb ass!

See what Im saying? Sheer ignorance – I need to slap this dumb ass!

freedom of speech and all that jazz, far be it from me to tell someone they can not say or do anything. I get that this gentleman, rather animal, was trying to be funny or maybe he was trying to make some obscure point, either way there is a FINE line between funny and tasteless and my friends the video below is just that.

One minute you darkies are running around talking about how people, society, and communities around this country show brown-skin people no love, respect, or opportunity, but then turn around and like, make, and take part in videos such as this. When is enough, enough? Don’t get me wrong there was a time in my life when I was ignorant and may have thought it was cool to throw the word ‘nigga’ around as if it were a term of endearment but clearly my views were a bit skewed.
jesusPlease don’t get it twisted people should have fun and create whatever content they like and share as they feel fit. I am just one woman with a simple opinion, I hate that I have even posted these stupid ass productions giving each of them more fame than they really deserve, but its all a part of the greater good. I want folks to know the difference between art and BULLSHIT … and well below are two prime examples of CRAP!

I mean really, some people just really need to get a life, like these old ass white people in the video below, have literally made me sick and they are supposed to be people of the cloth, yeah right. Even IF they were trying to reach the youth or the urban community they could have certainly done it in a more respectable way.

I mean seriously this is they type of bs that makes me want to fuck old white people up, this is not okay especially for people of GOD!  Seriously, they sat there and thought of these lyrics, I mean how much hate and dislike to you have in your soul, how insensitive can you be. Really?! I hate human beings … yeah you guys are so hardcore.

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