Winter Check List – Sidewalk/Driveway & Paw Protection

Safe Salt Rock salt is the worst when it comes to the environment and our four-legged friends, not only does is carode our streets and sidewalks, rock salt or sodium chloride is grossly overused. pawz

seriously I hate it when I’m walking Phoebe and the next thing I know she is limping because the salt has gotten in between her pads and is irritating and burning her skin. This is exactly why I buy Pawz for the Phoebe, they are awesome reuseable and disposable boots for your four-legged companion(s). At first your pup might not be a fan of the balloon like bootie, but once they realize their paws are warm, dry, and not being affected by the salt thats scattered about they will love you and appreciate you putting them on that much more

Rock salt is a huge enemy to plants and it’s just another chemical that we don’t need to be spreading all over the place. So, here are a couple of eco-friendly ways to handle the winter’s ice. Kitty Litter (Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Clump), sawdust, gravel, straw & woodchips, shredded corn cobs, even peanut hulls are a great way to combat ice and gain traction. Sand is also a great source for dealing with ice however, sand tends to wash away into storm drains, so be sure not to places and near waterways. heated drive

 also alternatives like Ice Melters this product is like rock salt however its eco-friendly and pet friendly, the price can range anywhere from $20 – $30 and if this is not your bag there’s always the heated driveway/sidewalk option … and that will run you anywhere from $300 – $5,000 so the decision is up to you my friend.

One thought on “Winter Check List – Sidewalk/Driveway & Paw Protection

  1. Hi Phoebe – Andrea from Pawz writing. Thanks for loving our boots. I am so glad we have been able to help protect you from the winter elements. Please thank your human companion Letisha for purchasing Pawz! Woof!


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