The Female Chauvinist – It Was Totally An Inside Job – Loose Change

loose change9

Loose change6

The bitch is back –

Once again, I’m confronted with evidence that 9-11 was a total inside job, (which I have pretty much known since 2001). Recently, I watched Loose Change in class and was asked to write my thoughts on the movie and unfortunately the chauvinist in me came out. The more I watched this compelling conspiracy theory, the more I hated old white men.

I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound as if I am a racist-that I am not (my skin is brown, thus making it impossible for me to be racist), I just am so sick of what the men on Capital Hill have put this nation and world through.

I wonder, how much of this BS people are going to put up with!?

Loose Change

I have to say all the evidence presented in the film has raised more questions, why is that we can’t see a larger hole where the plane hit the Pentagon? Why can’t we hear the full black box recording? Why where there truckloads of gold found in a hidden underground tunnel? Why where there calls made to political officials telling them not to fly on 9-11? I can keep going on and on, but whats the point?

We [the public] will never truly know what happened on 9-11, I know that as long as corrupt MEN in the powerful positions nothing will ever change! Oh, and I am well aware that there were women with power, influenced [brainwashed] by what these old white wrinkled prunes have said. I am also aware that there are a few brown-skin people that have also been dooped, I am so sick of what this nation is willing to put up with. I am so sick of what our government is doing to “the people.” –

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