Between a Rock and a Hard Place

What a story, bitter sweet, it really breaks my heart that people have to live like that. This earth is vast this land belongs to none of us, why do people have to live like this … ? I guess I’ll forever be amazed at the ways people are “forced” to live.

Untold Stories


The monotonous sound when a hundred hammers hit the rocks are echoing back from Ngwenya mountain.

It’s a few minutes past ten in the morning. Joseph Sohna (15) wants to earn as much as he can before he has to rush off to school in less than an hour. His hand, white with powdery dust, picks a new piece of rock, and starts whacking it with his hammer.

─It hurts right here, Joseph says and points at the wrist of his right hand. The hand that lifts the hammer, every other second. If he works hard he might get a thousand kwatcha ($3) a day for his time and effort.

─I get up at five and make gravel until it’s time to go to school, Joseph tells us. The money goes straight to his mother who is in charge at home when the rest of the family are up here…

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