Stretch Armstrong – Plastic Surgery Fun

How far are you willing to go?

How far are you willing to go?

So I’m just going to start this off by saying what the hell?  What the hell is wrong with people? I get that we all [humans] have some sort of skewed view of how we see ourselves. When I look in the mirror I see something completely different from what the rest of the world sees. I’m sure it’s like that for many folks out there. In my own way I guess I seek some level of perfection. Don’t we all?

My mommy always says no matter how much surgery someone has they can’t stop the fact that they are aging and you can’t fix that (well at least you can’t as far as I know). I mean really, what’s the point of stretching out your face or reconstructing it when there was nothing wrong with it in the first place? I truly understand if there are medical reasons or an accident, but surgery on ones face in particular for just S&*@s and giggles just won’t do. What are we teaching our youth. Its bad enough that this is an extremely unhealthy nation. Either someone is eating too much or not eating enough.  We are either spending too much time in the sun or not enough. We either work out too much or not enough. Society has put all these limits on what beautiful is. What perfect ought to be.

barbie doll

I’m so sick of hearing how young girls are struggling with their looks…it seems to get worse and worse every year. I feel like people in America are so shallow, if you aren’t  blonde [fake] haired, blue-eyed, skinny as a rail, slutty, and dumb as a bag of rocks you are not beautiful. It’s so disgusting how this country has allowed others to be little people because they are not “industry” perfect.

My random internet search lead me to some pretty extreme images of plastic surgery, people were not designed to look like Barbie and Ken. There is no reason for there to be a “Cat Lady” I get that free will is a gift all of us have but some people need to be told no, and have their free will revoked. I know this is so random I just felt I needed to mention yet again how disgusted I am with the way things are here in America!


I don’t know who to be more upset with; the ones getting all the surgery or the surgeons for going through with such extreme procedures. What about the cost, how is it that people can afford such extreme surgeries? I mean last I checked the economy was barely bouncing back. Dare I say plastic surgery is recession proof? I mean really? People, this lady did this to her face, she wanted to look like a Cat Lady?  How sad is that?

cat lady

Lets not get on all the celebrities that have gone under the knife, I feel like entertainers have single-handedly made plastic surgery a mainstream medical sport. Most of you either remember or watched Dr. 90210, I will admit, I was obsessed with the show for a season maybe two, I don’t know why I was so fascinated by the show, I just was. After a while it all became the same, this one waned to look like that one and that one wanted to look like this one. I don’t want to live in a world where everyone looks alike and UNNATURAL.

Seriously it looks like your face was stretched and skin does not take kindly to being tugged and pulled on. I swear some look like mutants, and why oh why do so many white women feel the need to get their lips injected!  This is so not attractive, I swear if I were a man and my woman did something like this to her face I would be out the door in a heartbeat. Face it you can’t fight getting old and you shouldn’t fight the very things that make you unique and unlike everyone else.




Vivica-Fox-Before-and-After Wayne Newton-AES-066675 vivica-fox-plastic-surgery Lil_Kim__1669050a joan_rivers_plastic_surgery_face lark-voorhees-before-after latoya-jackson


Ivanka-Trump-Nose-Job-Before-and-After lil kim Lil' Kim-20120910-78

janice-dickinson-plastic-surgery Human ken

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