Urban Princess

Hi there,

I have to say this was a lot of fun, I think I liked shooting on the train tracks a lil too much. It was a chilly day in Illinois and Thomas and I decided it’d be a great time to shoot and well thanks to Ben & Alyssa we were able to pull off this by using their awesome basement/boiler palace.

This series of shots taken by Thomas Hayes for Thomas-Hayes Photography.

dress me2 me3 the dress 538786_10151367561913590_1646992805_n 163504_10151367554733590_155122779_n 66883_10151367553418590_767914989_n 5417_10151367222383590_212598990_n

555140_10151383232578590_1902264851_n 3673_10151383138823590_1871367257_n

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