A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I credit most of our success to great signage (banners & product signs), price tags, great service, business cards, and awesome jewelry and other hand-crafted items.

This past weekend BlueLillie had its 1st “pop up” sidewalk sale!

It was a lot of fun and surprisingly, not as difficult as I thought it would be. I learned a lot from this experience; before, I was an associate, a server, or in customer service,  when it came to retail and selling merchandise. The main goal was to peddle someone else’s goods. Now, I’m selling my merchandise and I have applied what I have learned over the many years in retail as well as what I have researched to my business and so far not too shabby if I do say so myself. There is till more work to do and room for improvement.


Yet another satisfied customer!anding was done pretty well, especially on Sunday, I’d forgotten the signage at home for a handful of product on Saturday but, all I don’t think it hurt too much, that just gave me more of an opportunity to connect with the our neighbors. I also learned that I need to create a base for my bracelet displays.

Didn’t pose too much trouble once the bracelets were on they added weight. I did buy smaller pieces of wood to make with the displays I just decided to go another route while making them.  I’ll put mini sandbags in the jewelry displays I already made. The new displays I make will for sure have a base on the bottom.

The price points were fair and I did do my research, there was a lot of positive feedback. I could easily spot what folks were interested in and drawn too, and what they were not. We decided to go with a bit of the old with a lot of new and handcrafted items of course.  The jewelry and handmade items received warm welcomes by the neighborhood.

Chatting with shoppers and finding out what they thought of the merchandise was really helpful. It’s truly humbling and just awesome when you create something  with your own hands and share it and its received well. It makes me want to take that much more care in what I create and what I want our clients to take home and gift to others.1234219_10151676098771219_668034393_n

There are collaborations in the works as well as orders I have to fill. I just wanted to let you know what’s been going on. I also have an entry for The Lovely Ruins as well so be sure to check out the diary. This is so addictive now I want to have a sale all the time. I want to keep meeting people making jewelry and other items.

I will give myself and mom “mad props” for having courage like many others to put ourselves out there as a brand (beyond the Etsy site) and the response was warm and welcoming.

Mom Crafting & Selling!

Mom Crafting & Selling!


This was a duel purpose sale, sell new items along with getting more exposure in the neighborhood and selling items we have had in storage from ages ago and random whatnot’s.

59155_10151676220896219_446226583_n (1)

I love these pins – Zipper Flower Pins, hand sewn by mom (Lillie C.)


Next time we will have a table big enough to accommodate more items. I’m going to DIY a pic frame & window frame display racks! Shout out to @Katiechicago79 for hanging out with me on Sat!!

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