Brown Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday – What The Hell Is Wrong With You People?

Camping out for weeks, days, even hours before a holiday sale – hoards of people mowing each other down just to get a good deal on something you can’t take with you to the grave (great you waited in line for what? A chance to grab one of 12 televisions on display), bunch of idiots. Screw spending time with your family! Lets wait in line in shitty weather and pray when they open the doors we walk out with great gifts.

family get togetherBrown Thursday – formerly know as Thanksgiving is the new Black Friday. We all love a great deal – well at least most of us do, but at what cost? Is it really worth not being with our families. I mean, its not like Thanksgiving is all that great of a holiday anyway – in all honesty who wants to celebrate the day the white man came and pretty much annihilated an entire race of people – blankets anyone?

I digress, I thought this time of year was supposed to be about really reflecting on what one truly has and all of the many blessing. Yeah, people should be thankful everyday, but, for those that are just to busy to be thankful daily, we have Thanksgiving.

cyber mon

So long Black Friday – I am now left wondering what deals and ploys retailers will attempt to get your money on Black Friday – the deals would have to be better than Brown Thursday’s right? – I have never shopped on a Brown Thursday or Black Friday, nor have I shopped the more recent and seemingly convenient Cyber Monday. I have however worked [retail] on those days, I have had to deal with ridiculous human beings but never like the insanely manic shoppers in big box stores viral videos.

This Is What American Has Become … Yeah, about that

Door busters – you got that right! This country that is filled with fat asses and idiots is only digging its self into a deeper more shallow grave. Don’t think me a mean individual, I’m just calling it how I see it. Feel free to write your own article or speak your peace below in the comments section if you see it differently.


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