Spun Cinderella

This was such a fun shoot and shot amazingly quick! Seriously we shot this in like 30-45 min. I will add more as I get them. I will post the photographer’s info after this text. We basically hijacked my laundry room. We even ran into one of my neighbors, she walked in … looked down, saw me on the floor bucket and all…then looked over at  Thomas [photog]. We all laughed she grabbed her things and went on her way…

 Thomas wanted to do an urban Cinderella look. We had to go with an alternate dress than intended but all in all … I think the photos turned out amazing.

Then I decided it’s be fun to jump right into the dryer!! I knew I’d fit … and an idea was spawned. So stay tuned for more.

Photographer: Thomas Hayes of Something EXposed http://somethingexposed.com/ –

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myeyes2urs

Thank You for Visiting




Piece of cake – now pass the dryer sheets!!





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