Curry Chicken Meatballs – Oven Baked

Salutations – So I’ve made chicken meatballs before in the past,  for get togethers and parties. I normally make them with fresh-cut veggies like; peppers (red, green, yellow, and/or orange), onions, carrots …etc.

This go round I was on a bit of a budget …or should I say broke! So I grabbed a pack of ground chicken, looked in the spice cabinet, and basically came up with Curry Chicken Meatballs…Ha~

So Good So Yummy w/a kick!


I guess this is pretty healthy – You will need!!!


Parsley (fresh or dried)

Onion (fresh or dried)

Thyme (fresh or dried)


Black Pepper

Curry Powder


Garlic Powder

Crushed Red Pepper

Flour (2 Tbls)






Wash you hands REALLY WELL!

Get a large bowl and mix the ground chicken & the seasoning/spices

Its good to stock your freezer-I took this out and let it thaw over night in the fridge.


Mix in the flour (you could also use breadcrumbs, I didn’t have any so I used what I had)


Scoop out meatballs with your fingers (or spoon) and form a ball with you palm

Grease your pan with olive oil (do this before you make the meatballs)



Bake for :20 minutes at 365

Flip them over  and bake for another 5-10 minute

This is great with a sweet smokey barbecue sauce

(For an extra kick add beer to your barbecue sauce. Nothing fancy, nothing super cheap either.)

This is pretty healthy and ridiculously easy to make!!



 Yellow rice, broccoli (fresh or frozen), and King’s Hawaiian Rolls

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