The New Way Of Things

What has happened to us – the US … us

What have we become

What is going to be left for our future

What’s next

Have we failed, is there still a chance

Sink or swim, do we got it deep within

When will we know

The shallow, hunger for the material

Spewing their sickness onto the rest of the world

Not realizing you are infected, the burn reaches your veins

That rush, slow, warm – good

Don’t fight it – sip, eat from the filth of it all

The grit, that dirty taste in your mouth leaves your kisses bitter

Making the solitude, the quiet, the peace

That much sweeter

Are You Part of the Solution or the Problem?

This did not happen over night – just wanted to remind you of that …people slowly watched this happen. We all did, this way of life just magically appeared one day … I wonder what’s next.

Here’s a fun poll I created – see what others are choosing.

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