Bring On The Machines – Fast Food Woes Rant

I’m pretty sure you saw that coming …ever been to a grocery store…um self check out much?!

your replacement
Not to mean or rude but I’m  sure I’d get better service from a machine anyway …working at a fast food joint should be a TEMPORARY stop on your life’s journey (unless you plan on going career which would need training, bettering yourself and truly learning the ways of business). Never a permanent fixture on your résumé. People fall on hard times or make babies they can’t afford (yeah I said it). I get it, the result of life’s hardships may sometimes lead to working at fast food restaurants or dreaded retail chains.

Maybe this is the push this lazy ass country needs…I’m sorry there is no reason for you to be paid more than $10.00 and hour for flipping my burger and even that’s being too nice. Why don’t you try bettering your life or situation. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE THAT HAS PERSEVERED THAT HAS HAD IT MUCH WORSE THAN YOU, so what’s your excuse?

The Service Employees International Union is a joke….stop being lazy and get a real job. Half the people who work at these place can barely add..who’s freaking fault is that? The same people that can’t add are the main ones wanting a raise, broken English participants and illegal immigrants do not deserve to be paid more than they are worth. What does that mean…it means…your life is what you make it.


Now, don’t think me an ass I too have worked in the retail world, I have been a grunt. I too have been treated less that what I was worth, all while I was in COLLEGE or trying to make a better way for myself. Not just meandering around living an uneventful life. Not to mention I was working at these places when I was in my teens and early to mid 20’s, I know what its like. I also knew I wanted more and better I had no desire to be lazy.

Now, I’m not knocking those that have made a career out of working in the fast food and retail realms. I am however condemning those that feel they deserve more by delivering less, if you are not willing to better yourself there is no reason for you to want higher wages or better treatment for that matter.

 I’m done I’ve said what I have to say, if you don’t like it write your own entry. I welcome all feedback and comments, thanks so much for reading, following and subscribing to my site!!

Have a successfully productive day!

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