It’s Not A Trend – Brown Should Always Be In

411fe740-93f4-11e3-bab7-6b1d3acd5ecb_Lupita-NyongAs most of you have heard Lupita Nyong’o is the new face of Lancôme. Lupita, now famous for her Academy Award winning performance in 12 Years A Slave, will now be added to the list of beauties Lancôme has worked with in the past. Nyong’o now joins the ranks of Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet, and Julia Roberts. If you are wondering why the beautiful Lupita chose Lancôme take a look at the quote below.

“What appealed to me about Lancôme is that they’re not dictating what beauty is,” Lupita said. “What they do supports something that already is — and that was appealing to me, too. It’s what drew me to them. Hopefully it’s a symbiotic relationship — that I benefit from being associated with them, and they benefit from being associated with me, as well. And for the consumer at large, I think Lancôme has a range of products for every woman, and I think having me will expand people’s understanding of, hopefully, what Lancôme stands for, who Lancôme is for. – WWD

More often than not, celebs get endorsements for all sorts of brands and products, especially after a successful award season and the public definitely seems to be happy for the beauty. Then, why do so many companies, especially beauty companies wait until someone that is black, colored, African American, African, Jamaican, Indian, brown-skinned American, basically anything but white, wins awards, or has the hottest album before they get endorsement deals [on a regular]?

Hell, there are plenty of BEAUTIFUL and ridiculously successful women of color working in corporate America; doctors, lawyers, teachers and so on that should have been featured eons ago, but that is too easy. Why would any company want to portray women of color in a beautiful and positive light?


Minority women get so bored with seeing, white, pale, fair, peachy, looking woman and/or any variation of on EVERYTHING. The standards of beauty in this country & the fashion/beauty world across the board need to a bit of change. America has such a huge melting pot of  colours and cultures thriving though on it’s land, there are so many beautiful shades that represent the real America and yet no one seems to want to take advantage of it.

I am so happy I will see a new face I can relate to when I flip the pages of some of my favorite magazines…Here’s to hopefully seeing more girls that look like me (not the handful that keep getting recycling in a pool that reflects only one look) gracing magazines, movie screens, and everything in between.

You can start looking for ads summer 2015Iman-BB-Cream-For-Brown-Skin3

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