Catalog Reflects Reality – Finally, What Took You So long?

As usual work leads me to some pretty random finds on the internet and this time, I find I am pleasantly surprised. At first I wasn’t  sure if this was an idea or if it had actually been done but then I quickly realized someone in the fashion/retail world finally got it.

How often have we looked through our favorite store’s catalog or online store and scanned the many images that do not reflect the real people of the world. In the real world the average woman or man will never look like the edited images that graces the pages of those magazines. We are not all rail thin, we don’t all have “odd” or “unique” features that are destined for an editorial spread. We don’t all have the want to not eat. What we the public have been fed for all these years is not the world we have lived in, duh. Hell just look out your window, you instantly see people of all walks of life and every size in between. I love this celebration of diversity, how awesome would it be if printed images actually reflected reality. So with that being said check out this UK-based department store’s celebration of diversity.

I wonder if the department store is doing this because of all the over the top editing practices, used in media, advertisements and countless media outlets in the past. Stars have been protesting the extreme edits to their likeness


Simple actions make the loudest of noise.




download (4)


1Debenhams_Look1_136aflatDebenhams_Look4_057cflat Debenhams_Look7_115aflat Debenhams_Look10_013aflat Debenhams_Look12_020aflat

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