My Duolingo Obsession – Time To Learn Something New

Learning a new language can be a bit of a challenge and especially for those that are on a tight budget and have no means to pay for expensive language learning online program. With information at our fingertips learning a new language should be effortless, free, and most importantly fun. I took Spanish from the time I was in 4th grade until college, and in college I started learning Italian. I love learning a new language and what better way to build your communication skills as well as upping the ante on your résumé.

duolingoDuolingo is such a fun program, easy to follow instructions, comprehensive programming, and a great community of fellow language learners. If you sign up using social media you can challenge your friends and loved ones, you can also get daily reminders and goals that help you keep knowledge. Consistency is key, practicing will get you everywhere.



So what are you waiting for, go try out Duolingo, there are many languages to choose from, whether you are a first timer or just needing to brush up this is definitely a great resource for any age.



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