Boredom Annihilation – Top 10 Reasons Why I Never Get Bored

Happy New Year!! Don’t let boredom in 2015 get the best of you … nip it in the bud before it even starts.

Whenever I find myself feeling bored or just in a humdrum mood, I try to pick myself up by doing a few of my favorite things. In no particular order here are my top 10 favorite activities to get into when I’m feeling a little on the bored side.

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  1. Read A Book (an oldie but a goodie) – Escape into an adventure into the unknown, the magical, and the there after. There is nothing better than a good book, you can read at your own pace. Books are perfect for a rainy day, sleepless night, and even romantic soliloquies between you and your partner (ooo la la).


    Okay so yeah that’s my little bookcase in the studio – you should see my book sellers table (thanks mommy).

  2. Go Outside (that’s a no brainer) – You’ve just got to get up, get out, and do something, take a walk around your neighborhood, get some air you never know where your journey will lead. Go to the museum, a movie, stroll around a mall, play in the park with your kids, take a train ride (MTA, CTA, you know) … just get out of the house.


    This is what I looked like after embarking on my 1st Black Light 5k – yeah no boredom here – get out there and do something new.

  3. Have A Spa Day (pamper yourself) – Okay chicas,  you know what to do, break out the nail kits, body scrubs, mud masks, candles, awesome playlist, and wine (sparkling cider for the kiddies). Guys this goes for you too; your fingernails and toes can get a little gnarly, don’t be afraid to manscape even on the smallest of levels. Trust me yoursignificant other or at the very least your parents, will appreciate your efforts. Ha!


    Often I find myself looking like this – whether it’s a mud mask or hydrating mask I’m always thinking about my skins health! Take care of yourself inside and out.

  4. DIY Project (channel your inner doer) – Have fun with washi tape, redecorate, make a cookie in a jar recipe and gift it to someone. Turn a DIY into a good deed of the day, the possibilities are certainly endless. Pinterest, YouTube, Google are all your friends – start with an easy search of “simply DIY crafts” or “DIY for kids,” trust me you will find something.

    I love making something old into something new …


    …and the finished product is so fierce.

  5. Start & Finish A Puzzle (I dare ya) – I really don’t need to say much here; from 10 piece puzzles to 10,000 piece 3D puzzles you can pretty much pick your poison.


    Well clearly I didn’t have any photos with me and a puzzle … well if I did …it’d look like this. Ha!

  6. Try Something New (go on don’t be afraid) – Sites like Belly, Groupon, and Dabble have a ton of new endeavours for you to try.


    I wanted to try something new and keep building my brand so there was nothing left to do but embark on a new educational adventure.

  7. Finish A Project (we all have that one thing) – Unless you’re perfect we all have a project or a task that we’ve put off. Today is the day to finish that three-month old basement renovation or finish building that Lego city. Today is definitely the day to finish a project started after reading No. 4.

    I made fun arm warmers…



    …and a hat to match

  8. Clean Clutter & Donate (2 birds, 1 stone) – Yeah, so,  you’re bored or you just need something to do, well your closets are exploding and you could use the extra space. Your desk is probably cluttered and you could definitely go through some of those boxes in that creepy attic of yours. Once you’ve thrown out the trash, and made a pile to take to the local church, shelter, or GoodWill, you will be left with a ton a space to either halfway fill or just revel. Hey look you now have more space to “breathe” in.1238258_10151708706236219_257939392_n 1377502_10151708709341219_1440724138_n 1380317_10151708709991219_626065923_n

    My studio doesn’t even look like this any more!! Ha


    Photos from my awesome lil studio!

  9. Cook or Bake (or just create a new cocktail)- Cook a meal or bake a treat, create something new for all of us to eat (cute, right?). Now is the time to attempt new appetizer you want to serve at your next gathering (better to have a disaster now than on the event night). Make a new entrée for the family’s dinner tonight. Make Rice Krispie Treats for your neighbor. Don’t like your neighbor? Well then, make them for that loved one you called.


    Yeah so I went banana bread crazy, pie, loaf, and cupcake muffins?! From scratch that’s right, Im like June freaking Cleaver.

  10. Call A loved One or Friend (or a friend you love?!) –  Life is short and too often we forget to tell our loved ones how much we love them or even just to call and chit-chat. This one is simple ….just pick up the phone. Worst case at least send a text, email, or video chat, open the lines of communication.


    Don’t end up like me making friends with this guy here. Reach out say I love you to someone.

I hope this top 10 list has helped you realize that boredom is so 18th century …there’s no excuse, at the end of the day, I’m basically always up to something. This list is for those that are at the mercy of sheer boredom, whether just for a few hours or chronically afflicted and remember if all else fails there’s always, Monopoly, Candyland, Life, and my absolute favorite … The Wheel Of Intoxication.

Have a boredom-less day!!

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