Have No Fear Kissable Lips Are Here – Winter Lip Blues

Hello Lovelies,

So there’s no denying it, winter is in full swing; temperatures have plummeted, hibernation mode has kicked in, and your lips are chapped. I’ve got a solution to help you beat the bitter winter cracked-lip blues. How? By using what you already have in your kitchen cabinet or pantry.

This is a basic recipe for a simple lip scrub, use whatever carrier oil, food grade extract and sugar (brown or white) you have in your home.

This also makes for the perfect winter gift, surely a great way to warm the hearts of loved ones and friends. There are a bunch of fun photos below from my Canon and my phone.

You’ll Need:

1 – 2 Drops Food Grade Extract (vanilla, lemon, or vanilla)

1/4 Cup Sugar (white or brown – whatever you have)

1 1/2 Tablespoon Olive Oil (sunflower, coconut, or almond)

Small Container w/Lid (I got a pack of 8 for $1 from the dollar store)


I literally grab a pinch (using my pointer & thumb fingers) of scrub and apply it to my lips. I scrub in a gentle circular motion until all of ther the sugar has dissolved and until my lips feel hydrated. This usually takes anywhere from 30-60 secs each application, repeating as needed.

Wipe away with a warm washcloth. Yes, you can lick it away, there is nothing but dead skin, sugar, and oil on your lips.

I only scrub about once or twice a week, sometimes more; it all depends on the weather.

A little goes a long way… this scrub is good for 60 – 90 days. Do not use the scrub if you have open cuts on your lips, figured I’d mention that for good measure ;).

Let me know what you think or how you remixed this recipe.

Happy Scrubbing!!









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