Oh No They Didn’t – Hair

Hello Lush Lovers, Happy Holidays to all of you festive socialites out there. I, once again while working, stumbled across some crazy pictures, of people and their holiday hair. I even threw in some extra outrageous hair looks. For those … Continue reading

Creature 60660 – Television 1 project

I was watching an old preview for FOX and 90210 so I figured why not do something fun like this and because Halloween was right around the corner I figured it be a great idea to use the costumed public … Continue reading

Hey, Hey, Hey- I Want To Look Awake While Sleeping

So I was online doing some work and of course my searching bought me to random eyelid tats. I can see it now…I roll over after a night of drinking to see this. Not that I would ever be that¬†inebriated, … Continue reading