What Do I See Before My Eyes? – Billboard Top 20 List

Greetings Lush Lovers, I hope you all had a fantastic week! As always I find myself stumbling onto random topics and yet again I have done just that. Who doesn’t love a creative idea or thought? I know I love anything … Continue reading

Attack Of The 12ft Penis – Sorry Ladies You’re Too Late

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I love when teenagers get creative! The East coast was slammed with a pretty nasty blizzard last week leaving many residents without power and digging their way out of the freshly fallen snow. Ryan Worthington of South Kingston decided to … Continue reading

Talk About A Sound Bite – Can You Hear Me Now

In Stamford, Connecticut a man is accused of biting off his cousins earlobe and swallowing it. The fight was initiated over loud music. Emilio Mendoza was asked by his cousin, Ruiz Clemente-Perez, 29 to turn his music down. Mendoza became … Continue reading

Ahh – Zombies Are Attacking The Living Beware of the Apocalypse

On Monday, Montana & Northern Michigan residents were surprised when their regular programming was interrupted with news of a zombie apocalypse. The Emergency Alert Systems of Great Falls was broken into and hacked. The incident, which spanned over several counties, … Continue reading


Okay, So once again I need to get a few things off of my chest. Lets start with this 200% N*&%$A video, now you ALL know I love a good laugh and I am the last person to take anything too seriously, hell … Continue reading

Winter Check List – Sidewalk/Driveway & Paw Protection

 Rock salt is the worst when it comes to the environment and our four-legged friends, not only does is carode our streets and sidewalks, rock salt or sodium chloride is grossly overused. seriously I hate it when I’m walking Phoebe and … Continue reading